Marilyn’s Fight for Life Sarcoidosis Awareness Campaign

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Finally up and running. Our family’s United front against Sarcoidosis. We’re fighting for a cure!

My name is Marilyn McNeill and for the last 14 years has battled a debilitating disease known as Sarcoidosis. 

April is Nationally acknowledged as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month and I am hosting our very first annual Kick Sarcoidosis Balloon Release Event on April 5, 2014 at 4pm sharp in New Castle, DE. We have hopes to provide our Delaware Sarcoidosis patients and families, friends and supporters; an afternoon of food, fun and entertainment.  For more information or if you are interested in attending, email me at:

We are looking for vendors and anyone who would like to offer their services ie, massage, beauty, etc… This is in hopes to help those with Sarcoidosis to forget about their pain for just one day. Wouldn’t you like to help?


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I have read this entire series by Trina M. Lee with the exception of the current book “Darker”. Alexa O’Brien is surely one kickass Huntress. Nobody, I mean absolutely nobody will get away from this strong woman. A must read series! ^*^

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Sought out a 2nd opinion…Tired of being in pain..


At the suggestion of my Rheumatologist that I thought I loved, I found someone who examined me, listened to me, read my chart thoroughly and diagnosed what I kind of already knew. Well, my prednisone prescription was tripled and I am to take, after labs, is a drug that is the next step above methotrexate. Forgot what it was called unfortunately.
Sarcoidosis is now affecting my bones and joints. I called it a long time ago because the pain was extreme, but was told it was the Fibromyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis. MRIs and Xrays showed that my lymph nodes were swollen, yet it wasn’t being addressed.
All I ask is for prayers and to all who read this, listen to your heart. If it seems as though you are not being taken seriously, seek out another doctor. Don’t waste your precious time making them rich for doing nothing.