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8th Cloud membership recruitment has closed.

Look out for “additional recruitment” at a later date. TQ!

Notice from 7th Term Cloud Executive Board – 구름가득한 #2777

Hi, we are the 7th Term Cloud Executive Board.


The recruitment of 8th Cloud membership has closed since 20th March 2011.

But, there will be an additional recruitment after the ranks of the listed members are upgraded (the work takes a couple of weeks to complete) when the list is checked out.


So for those who could not join the 8th Term Cloud Fan Club this time, please wait for just a little longer. You can apply for 8th Term Cloud membership at the additional recruitment exercise.


(We’ve heard there are many 7th Term Cloud members have lost opportunities of becoming members of the 8th Cloud Fan Club, so we’ll send them text messages in bulk. Current Clouds, please share this information with those who have not joined yet.TQ.)


We will try to start the recruitment of the 8th Fan Club’s Election Commission and the Election of the 8th Term Executive Board as soon as the ranks are upgraded unless some other urgent matters arise.


Please be advised that only those who have joined the 8th Term Fan Club within the period of the scheduled time, have the opportunity to elect the 8th Term Executive Board or to participate in the election.


The additional recruitment will only be scheduled after the 8th Term Board Executives have been elected , so please frequently visit this site to check when the additional recruitment will be.


Thank You.


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[article] An update on Cloud donations for Japan thus far.

Cloud USA

Cloud USA

[article] An update on Cloud donations for Japan thus far..

Clouds Fighting ^_~


Star News /News Nate 3/16/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

Rain’s fan club ‘The Cloud’ so far have raised the donated fund approaching more than 15 million won as a part of a campaign to help the earthquake victims in Japan

The Cloud, singer Rain’s official fan club, has conducted a charity campaign to help the earthquake victims in Japan.

They have raised the donated fund so far that is approaching more than 15 million won with the result that they have conducted the campaign through their website since, from the 13th through the morning of the 16th.

The Cloud fan club is comprised of membership members from 12 countries such as USA, Canada, German, Poland, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam. Philippine, Malaysia, etc. including South Korea, and the total of the donations raised through the movement will go to Good Neighbors, one of International Aid agencies.

Rain felt apprehension of his more than 3,000 Japanese fan club members, including the earthquake victims in that country, and gave them words of encouragement through the website.

Meanwhile, The Cloud, Rain’s fan club, is more than willing to do the beautiful ways they can help others.

They’ve done various voluntary activities since they volunteered for the medical and educational service activities at children’s centers in 2008. Last year, they delivered around 12 million won worth of the raised collections.

When the cold gets in your back

Sarcoidosis Plea

Support Sarcoidosis Awareness & Research

Boy oh boy when the cold gets in your back. Thought I was having a going to have a great day but then the pain came. It shot from the top of my neck straight down to the lower part of my back. They say it’s arthritis, but damn this hurts. I am looking forward to the Spring. ^_^ Who is with me. The only thing that I am not looking forward to us turning a year older. 😦
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