Reader Recommendation – Monique Green’s (Life Without Coffee Breaks)


I have a new favorite author. ^+^ For years I have been an avid reader of sci-fi books that involve shifters and the paranormal. I took a stab at this book because I loved the title, “Life Without Coffee Breaks”. This is a book that has earned its place on my favorites list.

In some sense Carla reminds me of myself working as a R.N. Dealing with the drama of my life and the lives of my peers on a daily basis. I love how the story grabs you and pulls you in her life and her hilarious co-workers, (especially Tyrese). Between he and Monica, they breathed a breath of life into Carla everyday during lunch. They were the gossipers who knew everything about everybody; and their descriptions of the current events had me ROFL all the time.

Carla’s surprise, a new neighbor and friend, taught her the meaning of letting the past not rule what happens in her future.

I look forward to this authors next book and I would love for her to continue with a story following Carla’s next chapter.


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Trina M. Lee – Alexa O’Brien Huntress Series

I have read this entire series by Trina M. Lee with the exception of the current book “Darker”. Alexa O’Brien is surely one kickass Huntress. Nobody, I mean absolutely nobody will get away from this strong woman. A must read series! ^*^

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