Carrie Ann Ryan’s Dante’s Circle Series update…

Carrie_Ann_Ryan_Dantes_Circle_3Looking forward to the next installment of the Dante’s Circle Series. Visit Carrie Ann Ryan’s blog to get the latest update information.

The Circulate Series by K.R. Smith

The Circulate Series by K.R. Smith

Just finished Small Fry, Part 1 and I am not disappointed. I absolutely love this series and the fact that Lucia’s birthday just happens to be the same as mines, June 3rd, I feel really special. {{{smiles}}}
Looking forward to the continuation of B and Declan’s adventure. Please don’t make us wait to long.

As I have stated in my previous reviews, I am a visual reader so when reading books I tend to get drawn into them like watching a movie. I believe great sci-fi writers have to embrace that ability to grasp their readers attention and keep them at the edge of their seats, per se. That’s just my opinion. ^~^ K.R. Smith is one who I believe gets it.

Cheers to one of my favorite authors,
Marilyn a.k.a RainCloudMom


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The Circulate Series