HELP!!! I don’t know what is happening to me…

My muscles are weakening and twitching all the time. I have been dropping things constantly. My muscles feel like they are in a sleep state. That feeling you get when your leg falls asleep after being in a certain position for a long time. That annoying ache that you can’t wait to subside so you can move on. Well that’s not happening. From my neck down, all the muscles are in that sleep state. I feel like crying all the time. When I walk my legs buckle from up under me causing me to fall all the time. I use a walker as it is because of two recent Lacunar strokes. I fear this Sarcoidosis has finally won after 17 1/2 years. HELP!!! Anyone else suffer with this? I made an appointment with my neurologist in two weeks. It’s just lasting to that appointment. HELP!!!

Upcoming Event for Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

Marilyn’s Fight for Life

KICK Sarcoidosis Awareness Balloon ReleaseEvent in connection with JSOF

April 5, 2014 at 4 p.m. Sharp

New Castle, DE 19720

Free Event


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Marilyn’s Fight for Life Sarcoidosis Awareness Campaign

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Finally up and running. Our family’s United front against Sarcoidosis. We’re fighting for a cure!

My name is Marilyn McNeill and for the last 14 years has battled a debilitating disease known as Sarcoidosis. 

April is Nationally acknowledged as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month and I am hosting our very first annual Kick Sarcoidosis Balloon Release Event on April 5, 2014 at 4pm sharp in New Castle, DE. We have hopes to provide our Delaware Sarcoidosis patients and families, friends and supporters; an afternoon of food, fun and entertainment.  For more information or if you are interested in attending, email me at:

We are looking for vendors and anyone who would like to offer their services ie, massage, beauty, etc… This is in hopes to help those with Sarcoidosis to forget about their pain for just one day. Wouldn’t you like to help?