[video] And 5, 6, 7, 8…..In The Practice Room with Rain – LA Song

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*Edited to Add 1/15: English translation by 화니:

“Rain : Keke..I’m not drunken~~”

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When I first started searching the net for anything I could find on Rain, one of my fave things to come across were the dance practice videos.

From Hip Song (where he wears a Chicago White Sox cap – represent!) to Fresh Woman (where he completely wipes out and falls during the practice), to the infamous no shirt sizzle-fest Only You, these inside looks at how he gets to the finished product are always a treat and so entertaining because although replete with technical professionalism, there is always a light, easy vibe to the practice, and LA Song is no different. ^.^

Seriously, how kick-ass is his crew???? I watched this numerous times just so I can focus on each one of…

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Watch “Rain Effect ep. 2 ENGLISH subs” on YouTube


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Rain’s new MV La Song

MV Rain Bi – 30 Sexy

[gif] La-La-La-LA Song


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Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Our clever, creative and ever-so quick gif generator Baby_Tree did not waste any time in bringing the goods by capturing the explosive and jubilant dance moment in Rain’s latest teaser video for #LASong. La-la-la-LOVE it! ♥


Baby Tree LA Song

[Image credit: @Baby_Tree]

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[Overseas info][구름9기] Recruitment of Rain’s Official Fan Club for its 9th Cloud term.

[Overseas info][구름9기] Recruitment of Rain’s Official Fan Club for its 9th Cloud term..

Rain’s 2014 New Years Wishes