The Protector’s Heart (Wilde Creek 3) Is Out Now!!
The Protector’s Heart (Wilde Creek 3) Is Out Now!!
by rebutler
The Protector’s Heart _12 Final copyHappy Saturday everyone!  It’s sunny and cold here in New Jersey, but it’s a great day for The Protector’s Heart!!  I’m thrilled to share the latest installment in the Wilde Creek series with you.  Malachi and Nila were so much fun to write.  I hope you come to love them (and her adorable son Jack) as much as I do!

What’s a wolf to do when his mate hates wolves?  Find out in The Protector’s Heart (Wilde Creek Three), available NOW for $2.99

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I wouldn’t be anywhere without a lot of help.  From Word Vagabond for editing the story, my beta readers (Joyce, Jackie, & Shelley), the gorgeous cover by Romance Book Cover Designs, and the support of the Wild Shifter Babes Street Team.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement, expertise, and general awesomeness!!!

Snuggle up with a wolf today and find out what makes a Wilde Creek Protector HOWL.  XOXO, RE
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R. E. Butler’s Book Series’ are a must Read!!!

Hello fellow Readers,
If you want to read something fun, exciting, romantic and sexy all wrapped up in one, two or three awesome shifter series; then R. E. Butler is the author for you. She is #3 on my personal list of favorite author’s to read.
I must remind you that many books featured in my blog are for adult readers only.
So far I’ve read the following series:
The Hyena Heat Series
Hyena Heat Series

Hyena Heat Series

I could not wait to get into this book. She introduced us to three Hyena brothers in R.E. Butler’s Wolf Mate Series Book 4. These, OMG, sexy brother’s are looking for their mate to share of course, because that’s what they do as hyenas. One woman for a group of brothers. Talking about kinkiness. All I can say is hold onto your seat for a fun fill ride of the brothers trying to win their mates heart.
There are two books in this series and they definitely leave you asking for more.  Click on the picture icon above and read the many, many reader comments.  You will see that I am not alone in picking Ms. Butler as an awesome author. ^_^
The Wiccan-Were-Bear Series
R.E. Butler's Wiccan-Were-Bear Series

R.E. Butler’s Wiccan-Were-Bear Series

I loved this series because it gives you a little bit of everything and a whole lot of hotness.  It is definitely an adult read.  You go from the world of magic to the world of the undead. How can you go wrong?  The first book of the series listed above, “A Curve of Claw”, starts off innocently with a wiccan performing a joining ceremony at a local were-bear den.  What she doesn’t expect is to be tied to a were-bear herself.  Without giving you to much of the story; this story follows Elizabeth, a very powerful independent wiccan female who doesn’t like to be told what to do.
She likes to be with whomever she want to be with, whenever she wants to be with them.
The Wolf’s Mate Series
My favorite of all, so far, was The Wolf’s Mate Series.  Ooh, I could not get enough of this series! Just look at the cover of the first book. Enough said! LOL ^_^ This series is seven fun filled, Alpha packed, claws, paws and oh my Gods! Love it! Love it! Love it!  Dying for more!
The Wolf's Mate Book 1
I am beginning to finally read my next series: The Ashland Pride Series.
I will update you on my reads regularly so keep checking in.  And please check out all of the authors that I feature in my blog.  I would and I am sure they would really appreciate it.
Happy Reading,
Lynn a.k.a. RainCloudMom
R.E. Butler, Author
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