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Psalms 91:2

I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress: my God, in him I will trust.

1001 Dark Nights (A Wicked Wolf Novella) by Carrie Ann Ryan


Quinn, a lieutenant with the Talon pack, had all but given up on love. Jilted by his mate Helena, he almost lost both his life and the life of his son Jessie because of  Helena’s selfishness. His mate, with the help of a witch, severed their mating bond and the link to the Talon Pack and left right after the birth of their son Jessie. The severing of the bond almost killed him and left his 5 yr. old son fighting for his life on a daily basis. Because of this Quinn’s heart became hardened and he developed a hatred for witches. Unbeknownst to him, the Goddess sought favor in his eyes and provided him with a new mate that would cause a war within his soul.

Gina, adopted daughter of Kade, the Alpha of the Redwood Pack and soon to be enforcer, was part fire witch and part wolf. She is the daughter of the deceased Larissa, a witch, who perished during the war with the Centrals years prior. It was during that war that also claimed the lives of her grandparents, their Alpha’s; and caused a shift in powers within the younger generation. Now, as an adult, her father Kade asked her to join him at a meeting with the Talon Pack, to help devise a plan to unite the packs together as a method of solidarity. It surprised Gina that during this meeting her wolf had her staring at a strange, angry wolf lurking in the corner. She didn’t know why she couldn’t remain focused on the meeting when all she wanted to do was rub up against the man in the corner.

This novella left me wanting more of Quinn and Gina’s journey towards love and the effort of helping the Talons find mates. Throughout the battle of the mind of two stubborn and dominate wolves, the link that would ultimately join them together is the love of a little pup named Jessie.

Thank you Carrie Ann Ryan for this opportunity to read and review this ARC. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. You know that we can’t get enough of the Redwood pack and now you’ve taken us on a new journey with the Talons. Kudos Mrs. Ryan 5 Stars!

Temptation Returns by Lisa Carlisle

Antonio had just returned home after completing his tour of duty in the military. His mission was to find the girl, Lina, who he could not  stop thinking about since the day he walked away from her prior to leaving for Afghanistan. He just hoped that she would be waiting for him.


Lina, a woman whose heart was broken by her first love years prior, was finally getting her life back on track. She had recently accepted the proposal of another man, finally moving on with her life. Was she complete happy, no. Did she have some undercurrent regrets, I think so. So when the day came that she spotted Antonio across the room at a rock concert in which both of them suspiciously won tickets to, her heart skipped a beat.

Could these two rekindle their love for each other? The fire, the passion, their need for each other. Antonio decided to go all in and try to rekindle their love, that was until he happened upon Lina and her bridle party at a club. He didn’t know, because Lina never told him, that she was engaged. He felt betrayed, lie to and heartbroken. Antonio again walked away, or did he.

You have to read this book. I read it in one night because I couldn’t put it down and neither will you. I rate it 5 stars!

Love at First Roar by Celia Kyle

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I was waiting for Isaac’s story since his accident in the first book. As the healer he seemed to be the more level headed brother. Although I loved Ty, Van and Keen’s story; each definitely had their own characteristics and personalities. Mia was still all funny with her, “Language” screams to every swear words. Really, how could she hear them half of the time. The new characters brought more drama to Grayslake.

I felt so bad for Kiara and what she had to endure from her evil Alpha Asshole father and brother Mitchell. What they put her through was simply evil.
Also, how could the females of the Grayslake clan get away with tormenting Isaac that way after he endured his scars fighting for their clan.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars because I truly love this series, but I would have liked more information about the whereabouts of the drug and how they would go about alleviating anyone else from coming into harm from it.

Waiting for the next. I want to hear more about Zoey.



Review of Cat 🐱 Haus by Cat Johnson

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_81Ejnvsfq5L__SL160_I loved this story. John and Cate must remove the wall around their hearts in order to let love in. Both feel, for Cate her profession and for John reasons unknown; they do not deserve love. When emotions become high and jealousy becomes a huge factor; a decision must be made. Thankfully, at the advise of one of Cate’s clients, a decision was made. I loved, what I want to call the partial ending. Please be a book four to let us know John’s reasoning and how the true happy ever after “Pretty Woman” ending could be.


R. E. Butler’s Book Series’ are a must Read!!!

Hello fellow Readers,
If you want to read something fun, exciting, romantic and sexy all wrapped up in one, two or three awesome shifter series; then R. E. Butler is the author for you. She is #3 on my personal list of favorite author’s to read.
I must remind you that many books featured in my blog are for adult readers only.
So far I’ve read the following series:
The Hyena Heat Series
Hyena Heat Series

Hyena Heat Series

I could not wait to get into this book. She introduced us to three Hyena brothers in R.E. Butler’s Wolf Mate Series Book 4. These, OMG, sexy brother’s are looking for their mate to share of course, because that’s what they do as hyenas. One woman for a group of brothers. Talking about kinkiness. All I can say is hold onto your seat for a fun fill ride of the brothers trying to win their mates heart.
There are two books in this series and they definitely leave you asking for more.  Click on the picture icon above and read the many, many reader comments.  You will see that I am not alone in picking Ms. Butler as an awesome author. ^_^
The Wiccan-Were-Bear Series
R.E. Butler's Wiccan-Were-Bear Series

R.E. Butler’s Wiccan-Were-Bear Series

I loved this series because it gives you a little bit of everything and a whole lot of hotness.  It is definitely an adult read.  You go from the world of magic to the world of the undead. How can you go wrong?  The first book of the series listed above, “A Curve of Claw”, starts off innocently with a wiccan performing a joining ceremony at a local were-bear den.  What she doesn’t expect is to be tied to a were-bear herself.  Without giving you to much of the story; this story follows Elizabeth, a very powerful independent wiccan female who doesn’t like to be told what to do.
She likes to be with whomever she want to be with, whenever she wants to be with them.
The Wolf’s Mate Series
My favorite of all, so far, was The Wolf’s Mate Series.  Ooh, I could not get enough of this series! Just look at the cover of the first book. Enough said! LOL ^_^ This series is seven fun filled, Alpha packed, claws, paws and oh my Gods! Love it! Love it! Love it!  Dying for more!
The Wolf's Mate Book 1
I am beginning to finally read my next series: The Ashland Pride Series.
I will update you on my reads regularly so keep checking in.  And please check out all of the authors that I feature in my blog.  I would and I am sure they would really appreciate it.
Happy Reading,
Lynn a.k.a. RainCloudMom
R.E. Butler, Author
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Reader Recommendation – Monique Green’s (Life Without Coffee Breaks)


I have a new favorite author. ^+^ For years I have been an avid reader of sci-fi books that involve shifters and the paranormal. I took a stab at this book because I loved the title, “Life Without Coffee Breaks”. This is a book that has earned its place on my favorites list.

In some sense Carla reminds me of myself working as a R.N. Dealing with the drama of my life and the lives of my peers on a daily basis. I love how the story grabs you and pulls you in her life and her hilarious co-workers, (especially Tyrese). Between he and Monica, they breathed a breath of life into Carla everyday during lunch. They were the gossipers who knew everything about everybody; and their descriptions of the current events had me ROFL all the time.

Carla’s surprise, a new neighbor and friend, taught her the meaning of letting the past not rule what happens in her future.

I look forward to this authors next book and I would love for her to continue with a story following Carla’s next chapter.


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