Have you ever heard of the “Tapping” technique for chronic pain?

My beautiful and caring sister shared with me some information about the “Tapping Solution” which helps alleviate chronic pain. I decided that I should pay it forward because many chronic pain sufferers are looking to find anything that can bring us some relief. Click on the link below and please let me know how it works for you.

The “Tapping Solution” for Chronic Pain

Sarcoidosis Research Is Necessary

A friend I never knew Article


Sarcoidosis Awareness Month is quickly approaching…

MFFL T-ShirtWell that time is quickly approaching again. I am having to recruit much needed help this year with the planning of the Marilyn’s Fight for Life KICK Sarcoidosis Awareness event in April. Thankfully I have those that are stepping up to the plate to help. In my weaking state I have been told to just concentrate on becoming healthy, step back and trust in God to provide what we need, and most importantly NOT 2 STRESS! Everyone that knows me know that I am my fathers child. My mind is thinking a mile a minute. But I digress. I will relax and Let Go/ Let God. I will update soon. Until then, peace and blessings.