[trailer/Chinese][ 露水红颜][caps] Difficult Love: For Love Or Money, coming to movie screens November 7.

Wow, looks interesting…

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* Edited to Add: Yes, it seems that Rain’s voice has been dubbed over in Mandarin by a Chinese actor. When it comes to this particular film, I don’t mind. I can’t imagine having to shoot a movie in a language you don’t speak while having to bring believability to your emotions and body language all at the same time. I mean, how unbelievably difficult. I willingly give Rain and Director Gao a pass on this one. No prob! ^@@^


OMG, y’all. After watching this trailer for Rain’s upcoming Chinese movie, I had to step away from my computer and collect myself. Tearjerker Alert! Mercy… When his character has to get emotional, Rain is so good, he will make you cry. ㅜ.ㅜ

No wonder “Mark” could be so good and cold. All the emotions were going into this guy instead!…

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