[info] Have you seen Rain’s overview/bio on Fandango?


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73306591_10Rain’s overview/bio on Fandango is pretty good.


The biography snippet does have an error—his first album is named n001, #3 track “Bad Guy” is the title SONG—but most of the bios scattered across the Internet have that same mistake because the source they’re using is wrong.

(Hello? How about consulting Rain’s official website for the right information? Anyone thought about that? C’mon, people. Sheesh, use your heads for more than a hat rack.)

The overview/bio page on Fandango includes a Rain filmography at a glance, a list of other actors he’s worked with, a nice little photo gallery, trailers for Ninja Assassin and I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK, and a collection of Ninja Assassin movie clips.

I like. 🙂

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