Stand Up For Sarcoidosis Awareness

We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell. Unite for one, unite for all. After a Sarcoidosis diagnosis — whether it’s your own or that of a loved one — the right information can be one of your most powerful weapons. Sarcoidosis is often misunderstood, there are many misconceptions about this disease. But education is the best defense. Finding a cure is our goal, spreading awareness plays a role. A brighter future for all we all secure, if everyday we keep seeking a cure. As long as we have HOPE and each other to help us cope, we all can be better together.

Sarcoidosis didn’t stop me from being me, it helped me find who I am and what I want to do with my life. Time is shortening. But every day that I challenge this Sarcoidosis and all of it’s unwelcoming friends and I survive, is a victory for me. A person has 1000 wishes. A Sarcoidosis patient has one, “To Get BETTER.” Once you choose HOPE, anything’s possible. People will never truly understand what it is to fight like hell to win a battle. Not until they are faced with the words, you have Sarcoidosis.

Thousands of individuals are diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. Even those who aren’t stricken with the heart of the illness are touched in some way by the deadly disease. Sarcoidosis is something that will show how strong or weak a family, relationships and friendships really are.

“Dear Sarcoidosis, we as Warrior’s are stronger than you. You may be winning the battle but we are determined to win the war. For many Sarcoidosis comes with a lifelong battle, just like life. It comes with battle against a life threatening disease, when life is a continuous battle against the restrictions set by fear and hopelessness. It comes with life altering conditions that may shatter your world to the core. But while Sarcoidosis is a word, it is not a sentence “

Next time you feel yourself getting annoyed about your bad hair and nail day, bad traffic, shitty bosses, and screaming kids, just remember there’s somebody going through a flare-up, indescribable pain, weight gain, hair loss, loss of breath, severe depression who would welcome and gladly trade places with you. Pain is nothing new to many Sarcoidosis patients. Of all life-altering disease, Sarcoidosis is one of those which subjects patients not only to a wide range of painful and exhausting symptoms but also to a wide range of emotions.

Sometimes in our lives we reach rock bottom. We experience what we call HELL. For each of us it’s dressed up differently, but for all of us it is dark, tough and devastating. This HELL can be our awakening. Some people call it a breakdown; I believe it is a breakthrough. Being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis comes with a lot of uncertainties. It comes with a baggage that is bound to test your very character. Sarcoidosis is not the end of your life; it actually marks a new beginning. You should not let this disease rule over your life. It has to be fought, not feared. It can be handled and it can be battled with. Many people have done it, many people have survived it, and so can you. The main message Sarcoidosis patients is to convince you that You Are NOT Alone in this fight.

Sarcoidosis has threatened many lives. But must it remain a threat? Succumbing to this threat will only make you a slave of fear, fear for your life. The thing is that you can fight Sarcoidosis, no matter what form it shows up in. People have done it and do it every day. It may be a very serious disease but on the other side, spending your life with this disease allows you to realize how fragile and precious life can be.

So please keep in mind that Sarcoidosis is not a joke, so don’t treat it like it’s one. Fighting today for the chance of a cure tomorrow. Many of us may be in some form Disabled … But don’t for one minute get it twisted for we are very well Enabled! While everyone’s journey is unique, knowing that others before you have been through something similar can give you the strength encouragement motivation and inspiration you need to keep everything in perspective. We are NOT just Thriving, We are Surviving and Purple is our signature color! Life – A Race Worth Fighting For!

Purple Power!!!

A Little Update, and a Good Article About Auto-Immune Disease

The Professional Patient

This summer has been the summer of medical procedures and surgeries for me. Last Thursday and Friday marked my fifth and sixth minor surgeries of the summer, and since then my body appears to have gone on vacation. No matter what I ask it to do, and no matter how nicely I ask it, my body will not cooperate. I am hoping that in the next few days I will regain some ability to sleep and take care of myself and my wounds. Sometime after that I will be able to start thinking about blogging in earnest again. Expect a mid-month Real Post.

Thank you for all you bring to my life, dear readers. I appreciate that you give me your audience and support. As a thanks, I leave you with a thought-provoking article on auto-immune disease and the tale of one person’s quest to get answers and get better.

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[images] Once again, Rain films as a contestant on SBS’s Running Man. (9/1)

Can’t wait to watch. ^_^

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This time, the cast of upcoming drama “My Loveable Girl” were invited on the show. Great idea!

(Images credit: k7soo6y @Instagram / Yoo Jae Suk / DC /


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[article] Rain, Alex, f(x)’s Krystal and more film for upcoming episode of SBS “Running Man.”

I love Rain when he visits Running Man. He is so competitive yet fun.

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Koreaboo 9/2/2014 —

Rain, Alex, f(x)’s Krystal and more film for upcoming episode of SBS “Running Man”


The cast of upcoming SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” is revealed to have participated in an episode of variety show SBS “Running Man.”

On September 1st, representatives from the production team of the show reported that Rain, Alex, f(x)’s Krystal, Kim Kibang and Park Younggyu, the cast of “My Lovely Girl,” joined the regular casts of “Running Man” in Gyeonggido. Interest is high over the interaction between the drama’s leads Rain and Kyrstal, who have first shown their character’s story on the video teasers.

Airing date for this episode of the show is still undecided.

Meanwhile, “My Lovely Girl” will start airing on September 17th via SBS, replacing the currently airing drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” following its end.


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[trailer/Chinese][ 露水红颜][caps] Difficult Love: For Love Or Money, coming to movie screens November 7.

Wow, looks interesting…

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* Edited to Add: Yes, it seems that Rain’s voice has been dubbed over in Mandarin by a Chinese actor. When it comes to this particular film, I don’t mind. I can’t imagine having to shoot a movie in a language you don’t speak while having to bring believability to your emotions and body language all at the same time. I mean, how unbelievably difficult. I willingly give Rain and Director Gao a pass on this one. No prob! ^@@^


OMG, y’all. After watching this trailer for Rain’s upcoming Chinese movie, I had to step away from my computer and collect myself. Tearjerker Alert! Mercy… When his character has to get emotional, Rain is so good, he will make you cry. ㅜ.ㅜ

No wonder “Mark” could be so good and cold. All the emotions were going into this guy instead!…

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[images][露水红颜] From Director Gao Xixi: Official images from movie For Love or Money (Difficult Love).

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We thank the heavens for dear Director Gao!

Yesterday, he shared gorgeous official stills from Rain’s Chinese movie For Love or Money: 露水红颜 (a.k.a. Roots of Dew, a.k.a. Difficult Love) on his Weibo micro-blog, and he copied Rain‘s, and Liu Yifei‘s, and the novel 露水红颜 writer Amy Cheung‘s Weibos in on the post. One thing he said in his post, “When love encounters temptations and entanglements caused by money, I think no one has the perfect answer [when it comes to solving the problems]…


Nicely done, sir.^^

» WATCH: The official Chinese movie trailer for For Love or Money in our previous post HERE.

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(Images credit: 高希希 / Gao Xixi @Weibo, 9/3)


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[info] Have you seen Rain’s overview/bio on Fandango?


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73306591_10Rain’s overview/bio on Fandango is pretty good.


The biography snippet does have an error—his first album is named n001, #3 track “Bad Guy” is the title SONG—but most of the bios scattered across the Internet have that same mistake because the source they’re using is wrong.

(Hello? How about consulting Rain’s official website for the right information? Anyone thought about that? C’mon, people. Sheesh, use your heads for more than a hat rack.)

The overview/bio page on Fandango includes a Rain filmography at a glance, a list of other actors he’s worked with, a nice little photo gallery, trailers for Ninja Assassin and I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK, and a collection of Ninja Assassin movie clips.

I like. 🙂

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(CLICK image below to go to Fandango.)


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