Guidebook for Navigating New Chronic Illness or Disability: Part 1 You Realize You Can’t Work As Much or At All Anymore

The Professional Patient

It’s been less than two years since I entered into the world of the chronically ill and the disabled. In that time, I’ve often wished there was a simple guide to navigating the muddy waters of new illness and disability. For the emotional component of this journey, I have found guidance from the writings of Toni Bernhard, and in particular her book How to Be Sick. I can’t say enough good things about her material, both for those like me and for our caretakers. Her writings are Buddha-inspired, but you needn’t be a Buddhist to benefit from them.

I haven’t found a comprehensive resource about the practical aspects of navigating life with new limitations, though, and as a result I‘ve learned many lessons the hard way. To make this journey easier for others like me, I’ve started to compile some of the resources

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