Sarcoidosis Ribbon

In an effort to create continuity and consistency throughout the Sarcoidosis Community as it pertains to Sarcoidosis Awareness branding, the A Song for Life Sarcoidosis Foundation in conjunction with a few other Sarcoidosis Organization Leaders decided to come together to create an “official” Sarcoidosis Awareness Ribbon that properly reflects the awareness colors and national symbol for the cause. This Sarcoidosis Awareness Ribbon has formally been accepted by Disabled World and included on their online Awareness Ribbons Chart ( Please feel free to save a copy of this graphic to use for the purpose of Sarcoidosis Awareness. If you are unable to successfully download the graphic, you may request to have a copy of it sent to you directly by emailing:

Thank you and remember we are stronger together than divided!
Jaz Owens, Founder ASFL Sarcoidosis FoundationImage