A Checklist for Prepping for Bad Days (Especially for Those with Chronic Pain)

Good advice for those with Chronic Pain like me…

The Professional Patient

This checklist is written as a resource for readers who have some good days, and some bad days. Unfortunately, for some people there aren’t good days, and I’m sorry. This list will probably only be partially useful to these people, and to those rare people who only have good days.

FOOD: Stock up on food that is easy to prepare. Non-perishable snacks and bottled water can be good to have on hand. Remember to make sure the food you get will be accessible to you, if you don’t have a caregiver who can be there for you throughout bad days. Some accessibility concerns: Is the food stored conveniently? Is it easy to open? Is it easy to prepare?

Think about what you want most on bad days, and try to plan for that. Will you want comfort food? Healthy food? Snacks? Hearty meals? You may want to stock…

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