Exams Not Of The Medical Kind and Stress

Good luck on your exam…puling for you. ^+^

Life As An Anomaly

imageIn exactly one week I have to take an exam. Not of the medical kind – for once! This exam is the New York Board exam for licensure in Massage Therapy. I already took my national exam and passed, so that I can be licensed in 48 states. However, NY, Ohio and Hawaii all have their own separate exams and licensing procedure, and the New York exam is only given twice a year, in August and January.

I took the exam a year ago, and failed by one miserable point! I was not surprised since I never reviewed anything for the exam until the night before. Really, if you have two years of class work to review, doing it in one night is really not going to work. This time around, I gave myself a month to do the review.

Why only a month? Because I swear I have short…

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