Pictures of my battle with Sarcoidosis of my Eyes and Sinus

These photos were taken before and after the completion of surgeries on my sinus and both eyes. You can see the large granuloma masses above each eyes and there was also a large mass below the right eye. The operation was done while I was sedated but alert. My Ophthalmologist and I laughed and talked during the whole surgery. The surgery to my sinuses was done three days prior. You see cotton in my right ear due to pain. The third procedure performed by my Otolaryngologist was better than the first two. What you cannot see is the drainage tubes that are stitched within each nostril. Having to use 24 hr. oxygen support is difficult during this time. Had to sleep in a sitting position until they were removed.

These surgeries were performed in 2006.

Lynn's eyes before surgery (3)


I won’t complain…

Purple Rose of Sarcoidosis

Well hello everyone. I have been battling Sarcoidosis for 13 years. It started in my lungs and eventually affected my skin, eyes (surgery removed large granulomas over both eyelids and under right eye), sinus (3 surgeries resulting in no sense of smell or taste since 2006), kidneys, liver, lymph nodes and now bones including joints. Very, very painful but I won’t complain. I don’t have to tell you guys. I am on 24 hr oxygen (3 liters) and also sleep with BiPap w/oxygen but I won’t complain. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009 which exacerbates my pain, but I won’t complain. My Rheumatologist asked that I seek a 2nd opinion because he was afraid he was missing something. Well I did and that is how the Sarcoidosis of my bones was diagnosed. During these years I have had Doctor’s quit on me because they were, more than often, drawn to tears whilst treating me. I have lost both my parents and two sisters, but i won’t complain. I am seeking a new route of treatment now via Functional and Holistic Medicine. Tried Holistic before but funding out of pocket and being on Medicare, it’s not covered. Still not complaining. So, how is your day?…