[Cloud USA video] In Love.

Cloud USA

^@@^ An incredible job as always, Jess!^^ Rain and Rainthetreasure fit together like a hand and glove. ♥ (Credit and edit: JJ @Cloud USA / Jess MK a.k.a. rainthetreasure / CloudUSAChannel @YT. / Music: July, “In Love”)


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Blurb Reveal: A Beta’s Haven

I love and read all of Carrie Ann Ryan’s books. This just so happens to be my favorite series by her. ^_^

Hadar to perform @ The Israeli Jazz Festival

WhenMonday, 18 November 2013
Hadar will be the opening act for Ethiopian-Israeli singer Ayala Indegeshet

IT’S FREE! Reservation required here: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/372265

Check out Hadar’s new single here- http://www.soundcloud.com/singerhadar

Please don’t forget to follow Hadar on twitter/IG/FB @singerhadar

International House Philadelphia
3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
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Hadar to perform @ The Israeli Jazz Festival