[articles] Back to the basic once more: Rain with Cube Entertainment for the start of his next decade.

Hope this clears everything up Clouds. Rain is with CUBE Entertainment. ^~^

Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*ETA: I don’t suppose anyone has taken a second to think it could be that Rain will actually sign the contract when he gets out of the military. Nothing translated from Mr. Hong says Rain has signed anything yet, just decided to go with Cube. Which may be why there seems to be no worry about the military’s reaction… ? ^@@^}


Well! Do my eyes deceive me, or has Mr. Hong’s statement on Cube been amended a bit? Now this we can work with. Cool.

Jung Bae, a native Korean-speaker and Terri’s colleague at HelloKPop.com, read this today towards the end of Mr. Hong’s statement: “Despite many offers, Rain wishes to return to his mindset at the very beginning and join with me with hearts hotter than ever. I wish to thank Rain, for leaving other offers…

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