Word on the street: Has Rain decided on representation after military? Maybe. Maybe not.

Thanks for clarification…

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Posted by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


We’re sure you’ve all seen the articles concerning Rain signing with Cube Entertainment as an artist and possibly a producer. (He has been a free agent for a good while with RAINY Entertainment as his admin, after his contract with JYPE ended in October 2011 and him separating from J.Tune Camp before that, when JYPE merged with J.Tune Enterprises.)

We have seen the statement (in Korean) by Mr. Hong on the Cube Entertainment website, and we are taking it with a grain of salt for now, because there is nothing official on Rain’s website, official fan site, or from RAINY Entertainment. Rain and Mr. Hong have a long relationship, as he was there to help and support Rain as a trainee and during his debut in 2002, and it is obvious from Mr. Hong’s statement that he regards Rain…

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