My niece completed her task ^.^

My niece made a promise to herself and fulfilled it without letting anyone know of her journey. I’m am so proud of her that I am so overwhelmed with emotions. Our family has been through some really tough times over the last few months.  First with the loss of my big sister Dinah Murphy. Next my mother Nola become overwhelmingly depressed and losing her will to eat. When hospitalized, the doctors took to trying to get the nutrients that she needed in her and battled a virus that ended up costing her life. My mother was laid to rest exactly three months after my sister. Out of nine children, now it remains just four. My elder sister Judy, Shemaiah’s mother, has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. That along with myself battling a debilitating disease known as Sarcoidosis makes life stressful within out tight knit family. When one hurt, all hurt. So to fulfill a promise to herself and to help others, like those within our family, Shemaiah has participated in all health walks and or awareness events in honor of the members of our family. I love her so much and I am so proud that she has and or is achieving her dreams and aspirations. So this blog is dedicated to my eldest niece Shemaiah Murphy-Nash. ^_~Shemaiah completed the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday, May 5, 2013. ^.^