MBLAQ check: Saturday Night Live Korea to welcome MBLAQ on June 1.

Wish it was available for us to see the whole episode…

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OMG, this is going to be the funniest doggone episode. Break a leg, boys! Thumbs up! 🙂 (SNL Korea is a late-night TV comedy/variety show adapted from Saturday Night Live on NBC in the US.)



Allkpop 5/30/2013 — by carolicity

‘SNL Korea’ says MBLAQ’s appearance will be one to anticipate

MBLAQ will be putting their variety show skills on display for the upcoming episode of ‘SNL Korea‘!

Despite being in the middle of getting ready for a comeback, the members still took the time to participate in the upcoming episode’s recording, throwing in their own ideas for hilarious 19+ rated skits!

“Although MBLAQ is busy with their comeback in a year and a half, their passion is running high, having decided to appear on ‘SNL Korea’ first… Even in a recent meeting, the members were very direct as they…

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[rumor] Word on the street: Is Rain humming “H-to-the-izzo” right about now?

We can only hope…

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Because we sure are. H to the izzo. V to the izza.


Couldn’t help putting this up, it’s such a fun and doggone delightful rumor. And how many more chances do you think I’ll get to post a Jay-Z video on THIS blog? (zero) 🙂

Anybody want to discuss the possibilities? Start the thread!


DramaFever Blog 5/30/2013 — by Evan+

Rain Might Sign To Jay-Z’s Roc Nation


OSEN reported an hour ago that Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation, has presented Rain with an offer to sign with the company, which he is currently looking over.

OSEN reports that they are currently figuring out the logistics of the Korean as well as worldwide copyrights, and once that’s agreed upon, it’ll all be signed, sealed, and delivered.

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[articles] Back to the basic once more: Rain with Cube Entertainment for the start of his next decade.

Hope this clears everything up Clouds. Rain is with CUBE Entertainment. ^~^

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{*ETA: I don’t suppose anyone has taken a second to think it could be that Rain will actually sign the contract when he gets out of the military. Nothing translated from Mr. Hong says Rain has signed anything yet, just decided to go with Cube. Which may be why there seems to be no worry about the military’s reaction… ? ^@@^}


Well! Do my eyes deceive me, or has Mr. Hong’s statement on Cube been amended a bit? Now this we can work with. Cool.

Jung Bae, a native Korean-speaker and Terri’s colleague at HelloKPop.com, read this today towards the end of Mr. Hong’s statement: “Despite many offers, Rain wishes to return to his mindset at the very beginning and join with me with hearts hotter than ever. I wish to thank Rain, for leaving other offers…

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