Yesterdays Drs appt.

More bad news. Doc looked at nodules above and below my eyelids and came to the same conclusion as he did 2 1/2 years ago. Surgery:'( The killer is that this time he thinks that the one above my right eye may have attached itself to nerves. O.O
I’ll update after each test.
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unbearable pain

I am taking Lyrica and Cymbalta for the Fibromyalgia; Prednisone, Vicodin and Plaquenil amongst other things for my Sarcoidosis but the pain will not go away.  All I did was go with my daughter to the mall to shop for her semi-formal dance dress and I am paying for it.  This is going on five days now.  Usually after exertion I am down for about two.

What baffles me is that the pain in my left side that I have been complaining about for about five months now is still there.  After a series of tests and blood work the doctors haven’t provided me with any answers.  I am scared to go to the emergency room because we Sarkies know, that gets us nowhere.  I am truly getting scared now and don’t know how to express it to my family.

[clip] Revisiting: Our favorite halmoni in the world. (via Cloud USA)

I love this Grandmother. We share the love for Rain ^+^

Back on April 19 of 2010, we were absolutely delighted with this darling entertainment news report shared by cloud Scorpiola on the coolest Korean grandma on earth. Every time halmoni laughs, we giggle ourselves silly. She is so precious. This will always be a favorite. For those who haven’t seen it yet… please enjoy! » Our entire 4/19 post, “ZEPP fan meet, LoR fan made, & the coolest halmoni on earth” is HERE. — Stephe ^@@^ On SBS Good Mor … Read More

via Cloud USA