My testimony

Everyday is a new day. Pain lets me know that I am still here. Through it all, all I can say is that God is so good. Hallelujah God is so good! He woke me up this morning after I tossed and turned all night. Pain keeping me awake but it is alright. God is so good. So many have left here so I won’t complain. God is so good I just love calling His Name. I remember what my Daddy always taught us, that there is always someone out there who is worse off than you. I pray for those poor souls that God will bring also bring them through. I pray for strength, I pray for hope, I pray for relief and most of all I PRAY FOR A CURE.

Love to all of us who are suffering from Sarcoidosis/Fibromyalgia. ❤

Talking about YouTube – “Where U Start” – KJ McNeill

Check out the latest MV of my son KJ McNeill "Where U Start".
Let me know what you think.. ^_^

Talking about YouTube – MV HD ENG l JYJ (재중 유천 준수) – Ayyy Girl (애가를)「K-Pop November 2010」

These are my sons from the East. They have recorded an English album. ^_^ Love the song but the mix could have been better, especially on the hook. What do you think?