Without meds all week

Money has been so tight with having to pay college tuition for two children plus the purchasing of uniforms and school supplies for the youngest, I am so broke. To top it all off, because of the overwhelming expenses of last month, I have not been able to renew my prescriptions for this month. Therefore, I have been without my prednisone, blood pressure medicine and many others because I cannot afford the expense. My husband decided to forego another bill to get them when we were struck with another misfortune. Our air conditioner conked out on us Monday night, during the night and we almost overslept Tuesday morning because we could not wake up due to the heat. The cost of the repair took the monies that he was going to use for my meds plus delved into the expense of another bill. God we need a break… I thank you for keeping me thus far, but stress is a major factor in keeping this disease flared up and we just cannot get our heads above water.