Another failed trip to the ER

Again, after a long night of pain, pain in which I suffered for a whole week, the inability to move or use my right arm and hand, the ER doctor says, "I don’t know what is wrong?" "Here is a prescription for percocets for the pain and follow up with your PCP." How many of you go through this? Why must we go though this? I spent practically a whole day in the ER just to be given a prescription. Wow!


blurred vision

For the last few days I have been suffering with severely blurred vision of my right eye.  This is the same eye that I had large nodules removed from both my upper and lower lids.  As I type now, I have to close the right eye and just focus using my left eye.  This is definitely a pain in the butt.  Now my problem is deciding whether to go back to my regular opthomologist or the opthomologist that I was referred to who diagnosed and removed the granulomas from both of my eyes. 

I wait for some feedback.