1st official day of physical therapy

Well, I tried it and so far my pain has not minimalized.  I admit that I pushed it a little too.  When I am in public I try not to show to much.  Am I wrong for doing that?  It’s just me I guess.  I did tell the therapist when it hurt and how much it hurt though, but I finished my exercises.  They have me doing aqua therapy which isn’t too bad except for wearing a bathing suit in public.  I am still not comfortable with my skin.  Also I do the stationary bike and arm exercises.  I just want to know when do I receive the massage therapy that was prescribed.  With the fibromyalgia, I thought that  that was supposed to help.  Pain or not, I need a massage.  Anywho, the question my family has for me is will I go as prescribed.  I told them that as long as it doesn’t cause us anymore financial hardship than we already have with my many medical bills, than I will.  Will see>….
Take care and be blessed…

One thought on “1st official day of physical therapy

  1. Extreme pain!!!! Had to cancel physical therapy as advised by Rheumatologist until otherwise notified. 


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