Found someone like me

 Just read a blog from a woman, who like me, was diagnosed not long after she had a baby.  This took me by surprise.  I thought that I was the only one.  This disease, I thought, attacked me at my weakest point, but I guess not.  Or maybe it did.  Thank God for these blogs.  It provides a way for me to jot my thoughts down and maybe some responses from others like me.
Lately I have developed another rash on my chest.  This is surprising because I am still taking the Plaquenil.  Maybe my body has gotten used to the drug and is choosing not to react properly.  I don’t know.

How Good God Is

Yesterday we experienced the worst storm that I have ever seen.  Lightening crashing and thunder sounding for three hours straight.  It truly was a sight to see.  We lost power thought that we had it bad with the heat and humidity lasting for 8 1/2 hours, but unbeknowst to us our neighbors took a direct hit.  A family with small children lost their home.  While I am sitting here complaining about the possibility of running out of oxygen support, their house was burning down.  It just goes to show you, why should I complain when there was someone else who may be worse off than you.  My family made the time to pray for that family.  How many other people would have the consideration to do the same. 
God kept us and made it possible for me to survive yet another day and I am grateful.  God is good all the time!

Sarcoidosis, how do I stop the pain?

The pain alone is problematic.  I would like to do a lot of things in my young life, but living with Sarcoidosis limits my activities.  I tried today to exercise a little bit with my elder children. I even purchased on of those "Bean" pillow products so that I wouldn’t cause any stress on my joints.  Just doing the leg exercises caused my hips and legs to hurt.  I have to do something to get this weight down brought on by my increase in Prednisone again.  Every time it seems as if my weight is getting back under control, my sarcoid flares up and my prednisone (steriods) are increased to higher dosages.  There has to be another way to fight this dis-ease.  I am tired of feeling like an 80 year-old arthritic patient.