KMSR Enterprises Artists Compilation Volume 1

This cd is doing well.  Being played on satellite and internet radio stations in the UK.  So very proud of my family!
Available for listening and or purchase now at these locations:
Internet radio play now on:
so continue to write or call in for requests.
more to come……
now available for downloads via apple ITunes, Walmart….

My life with Sarcoidosis

It is now 5:47 am after a long day and night suffering with a lot of body and chest pain.  I wish there was a cure for this so that I won’t have to deal with these types of days and nights.  I really do not like what it does to my children when they see me in pain.  I just assure that it is only for a minute but mom will be okay. 
I went to the doctor today and she spoke of more patient’s coming to her with this disease.  I think that it is an epidemic here in this state.  It makes you think……
All and all, I remain positive knowing that this is just a test and God will pull me through.